Ramps and a Recipe

Right now there is next to no food in stores. You need more food. The answer, get some Ramps!

You'll find ramps in the woods, so 
go for a hike! I listed some information and rules, yes, RULES
for finding and digging ramps.

You will need:

  1. a trowell for digging
  2. a knife to cut roots
  3. and a bag to put your ramps in.

  • ramps smell like onions and have only 2 leaves
  • ramps only keep for about 4 days
  • always leave at least half the patch so they grow back
  • do not take the roots of while digging
  • the leaves when cooked are very sweet and the bulb is like a  grilled onion.

Some ways to include ramps:

  • sauteed ramps 
  • ramp pizza
  • charred ramps with zaatar-roasted goat ribs
These are the recipes I made and they are great!!!!